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    Do you hear cracking sounds when you use your telephone or your data connection seemed a bit slow after that construction work in a distant?
    Let Electrician Sydney City evaluate your phone and data connections and identify if there is any problem with the line, connection or wiring.

    Phone Data Electrician whether you have a sole phone line or a phone and cable internet. Electrician Sydney City is knowledgeable in handling phone and data cabling for home and office use. We understand the demands of the modern world and we want to take part in your success. Therefore, we ensure that you have a good quality connection when you make or receive a phone call. As well as, using your internet to work on your business needs and research on some paper works at home.

    Electrician Sydney City can help you with the following:

    Phone and Data Line Installation

    If you need to install a phone service and data internet for your home and current office building, Electrician Sydney City can do the job. We can work with your telco provider for the cabling at the customer premise level. We can hook up phone and data lines from your provider’s main line going to your homes and business areas. Even when you need a phone extension or want to extend your data cable, our team can do proper cabling for your preference.

    Phone and Bandwidth Repairs

    Did your call dropped and lost the dial tone on your telephone? Or does your ADSL data connection crawls than your normal internet speed? There could be a problem with the cabling and Electrician Sydney City can help check your service lines and cabling inside your homes and offices. For any cabling problem, our team can rewire your connection. Phone and data service transmission are highly affected if there are any dents and in most cases, cuts. We can fix this problem for you and resume your service as fast as possible so you can continue with your work.

    Moving Out

    Planning to relocate soon? Electrician Sydney City can help remove your current phone and data lines from your old home or business and install it on your new property. Our certified electricians can even help coordinate with your telephone and internet service provider regarding the setup and perform a smooth transition of your phone and data service lines. We will also guarantee you quality connections that are much better than your previous experience.


    Most businesses rely heavily on telephone and internet connections for their day-to-day operations. To help you reach the full potential of your business, Electrician Sydney City have 24 hours emergency electricians on stand by. We also offer recommend upgrades that can further enhance the functionality of your current telephone and internet systems. We can help you install additional phone points, do MDF jumpering, install a new office network, install new modem outlets and data points.

    Our phone and data electrical service come in affordable service rates to lessen the burden for your pocket. We can customize our services according to your personal and business needs with very minimal price change that are not exaggerated and no hidden charges. Either for home use or office use, we can assure you that you will have a good working internet connection and a clear telephone line. We also offer service warranty to all our works as our way to show our excellence and professionalism. When you choose Electrician Sydney City, you will have the convenience you never had before.

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    24 Hours, 7 Days a Week

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